Friday, December 5, 2008

Day 444...445...446...447...cAn'T kEEp uP...

I have always LOVED writing and posting. In the past I had a couple of family members that regularly read and a few friends. Interest has fizzled...but this is not a guilt trip should it be come across. It is merely an affirmation to me that I do this for ONE person...ME. I don't care about having a fancy page or how many "followers" I fact, I'm pretty clueless about how the blogging community thing "works". Again...not putting anyone down that does write for other people. I think it's cool to take that much time out for friends and strangers alike. I mean I know I personally really enjoy reading other blogs, so I'm glad that most other people are not quite so selfish in their motives as I am. This is MY diary...and these are MY struggles...and MY accomplishments...and MY memories. I just so happen to leave it "lying open on the table" for ANYONE to read. I miss it when I don't's just that I've been so busy with the impending holiday and some other personal (internal struggles) issues that I won't share...that I keep getting behind. I just can't seem to keep up. So...once again...I'll play "catch up"...because I don't want to forget even one crazy moment.

Day 444...TUESDAY......sOrE bEyOnD bELieF..."LEGS...HURT". My arms, chest, butt, hamstrings...all just quads were another story. I don't know that I have EVER had muscle soreness so concentrated in JUST ONE place on my body...ever. The funny part was I was feeling so tight that I almost felt like I was walking like Herman Munster...which is strange because my knees were bending ang working just fine.

I was still determined to workout. I went to the gym and did some upper body work and then I decided to go to the trail that I normally run on and just not a typo...I really did WALK. It's great to use "active recovery" when muscles are sore, but the problem that I had was that I chose too long of a distance. I got 2 miles away from my car and realized that my legs were done and it was a painful 2 miles back to the car. I made it, but it was tough.


Day 445...Wednesday...bEttEr bUt sTiLL sOrE...mY aChiN bUtt...
My quads were still really sore. I had to cover the 6AM class for J and he wanted me to come up with the workout. I figured everyone was as sore as me so I chose a workout that was free of legs. I also had to train my client at 4, but once we were done, I stayed to do the workout with the guys in the PM class. It is always fun to chase try and beat him...knowing that I can't. It pushes me to go a little faster...a little harder.

It was full of sit ups...200 to be exact...I almost caught R, but in the end he came out about 20 seconds ahead of me! Doing 200 situps is great on the ABS..and HELL on my butt. The constant rubbing made my crack RAW...graphic and gross I know...but true. That was an unfortunate side effect, but I had a great time with those guys anyway.

TIME 17:30

Day 446...Thursday...dEcEiviNg...
They say looks can be deceiving...that was true of Thursday's workout that J created. It was low rep...body weight exercises...seemed easy enough...even if it was for 20 rounds. Oh boy! When you only have 5 reps to don't pace just go "balls out" for the lack of a better description. The pullups were my demise as always, but I made it through and it was a nice lesson to be reminded tht the most basic functional movements can kick your butt just as well as a complicated Olympic lift can.

20 ROUNDS (19:37)

Day 447...Friday..."i HATE "mAnmAkeRs"!!!...
I wasn't gettin much done. Finally, I realized that I needed to get to the gym, because my clients would be there waiting on me in an hour. So, I jumped on the elliptical and did a fast hard 30 minutes and ran out the door to the gym. Once I was done with my client, I was going to do the workout that the guys were gonna do in class that night. My client decided she wanted to stay and keep my time for pressure. From the moment I started...I knew this would be a fight til the end. "Manmakers" are BRUTAL. They wear you down and make you use every part of your body. At one point I was freaking out internally...thinking I couldn't finish...afraid of looking like an idiot in front of my client. I survived...made it to the end...but it was AWFUL. My shoulders were ON FIRE! I've decided that "Manmakers" are the worst exercise on the planet!...and doing "Divebombers" with them was like double pushups...PAINFUL! I was trying to channel David Goggins...but I was pretty weak. That was one that I was glad to see end!


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